Layers are a recurring theme in my work.  My painted work can easily have twenty to thirty layers, building up the forms and the colors for greater depth and interest.  The polymer clay technique I use most frequently, mokume gane (shown), is also based on layers.  Mokume gane is a borrowed metalwork technique, where a series of layers are laminated, interrupted, and then sliced to reveal patterns. 

Recently I have been experimenting with a new type of layering.  I have been combining polymer clay with wood veneer.  The largest conceptual difference with my new technique is that all the layers are viewed directly, from the side, instead of viewing through the multiple layers.  The layers are the subject rather than the method.  Layers can mark a passage of time.  A river stone is history you can hold in your hand.  Layers can also be used more deliberately to build.  Intentionally placed next to each other for the sake of the relationship created by that proximity.  When the technical experimenting with adhesives and sequences and finishes is done, I hope the contrasting materials add a new kind of depth and rhythm to my latest work.  More to come on this new technique…

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